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Harp lessons and harp performance in Snohomish County, Washington



Hi! I’m Cheryl Grohn, a harper and harp teacher, and a lifelong learner who loves to share my love of music and the wonderful world of playing the harp. One of the greatest joys of my career is teaching in my private studio. I love watching a student develop their skills over time, and enjoy guiding them toward their goal. I have an eclectic style of teaching that meets each student where they are. Every lesson is individually designed based on the level the student is currently at, what their ultimate goals are, and the amount of work they are willing to put forth into learning the instrument. I try to balance lessons with challenging material and a fun atmosphere. I offer lessons in my home studio as well as online with Zoom. During the year, I sponsor a variety of events for my students to participate in ensemble playing including harp circles, performances and workshops. 

  • I teach students not only how to play the harp, but to read music fluently and to speak the language of music so they can communicate it through their performances.

  • My students learn to be independent musicians, which increases their self-confidence not only in music, but in other areas of their lives.

  • Students in my studio have the opportunity to study a wide variety of musical styles, and I teach everything from Classical to Pop to Contemporary Christian, Celtic, World Music, Hymns, Broadway tunes, duets/ensembles and more.





My lessons are designed individually to help the student meet their individual goals. I typically incorporate music theory, exercises and songs into every lesson. 
I charge by how much time you’d like for each lesson
30-minute lesson                                 $30
45-minute lesson                                $40
60-minute lesson                                $50
Payment is expected at the time of the lesson; cash, checks and Zelle payments accepted. For special circumstances such as lessons away from my home, additional costs to be discussed.


Lessons: I request that you be on time for your lessons, and come with your harp tuned and your music and other lesson materials in order. I will have a chair and music stand set up for you. If desired, students may use one of my harps during lessons.

Scheduling: I typically make appointments 2-4 weeks at a time with students, and we can do that in person, over the phone, or by email. I spend time preparing for each lesson in addition to setting the lesson time aside for you, so if you are unable to make it to a lesson, please notify me as much in advance as possible.

Cancellations: Just like any other professional, lessons are scheduled in advanced, and I set aside that time just for you. Please notify me as much in advance as possible if you need to cancel. For cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice, you will be charged for the missed lesson.

Practice:  Practice at home is the key to success in learning to play any instrument. I strongly encourage practicing a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 5-6 days per week.

Group playing: Practicing and playing with other musicians improves all aspects of musicianship including listening, counting and keeping in the right place. I sponsor events throughout the year for beginner and advanced students to play together and perform in various settings. While completely optional, group playing is fun and can help improve your skills.


Equipment requirements:

  • a harp to practice on at home. Use of your own harp is encouraged during lessons but you can use my harp if preferred. Harps come with tuning wrenches which are needed to keep the harp in tune. Rental harps are readily available in the Seattle area, and I highly recommend renting a harp for the first few months of your lessons. Even small harps can be a considerable investment, and you do not want to discover after buying an instrument that it isn’t your cup of tea. I will happily provide names of teachers and dealers in the area who have harps available to rent if my own are not available.

  • a music stand

  • some way to keep your harp in tune (electronic tuner, keyboard, or Smartphone app)

  • a metronome (or Smartphone app)

  • “Exercises for Speed and Agility,” by Deborah Friou is highly recommended for students at all levels. Available on, Sylvia Woods harp center (, and Melody’s Traditional Music ( among other sites, potentially ebay.

  • While I have certain music books and materials I will recommend, you are not required to purchase any particular book or series. I’m happy to work with you using whatever books or techniques you prefer.

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As an adult learner I have appreciated Cheryl’s approach to learning the harp. She has always made my learning to be about having fun and enjoying the beautiful music even a beginner is capable of making. There is never pressure to be “perfect” and the utmost patience with learning.
I appreciate her flexibility with scheduling my lessons and willingness to change the dates due to life’s unexpected circumstances.
Learning the harp is about personal enjoyment and sharing the love of a harp with family and friends.
I highly recommend Cheryl!


It was a pleasure working with Cheryl from Start to finish. She customized what was needed to make my Mother's 80th Birthday Celebration really extra special. Cheryl is very talented and confident in her ability to play songs as back ground music while the party was going on. The gift of harp music was something my Mother gave her Mother many years ago on her 80th Birthday as well. She put on an out-standing performance and would highly recommend Cheryl. Kudos!


Cheryl was absolutely amazing! I had such an easy and enjoyable time talking and planning the event with her. We had an amazing time and loved the songs she played as well as the custom song that we had asked her to prepare as well! I loved working with her and would love to have her at a future event




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